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My Favorite Express Looks

One word comes to mind when I think of Express: BLAZERS.


Okay, I lied. Jeans. The word: JEANS also comes to mind.

Jeans and blazers have become a huge part of my wardrobe and honesty, they've turned into some of my favorite pieces.

While jeans aren't the ONLY thing you'll be seeing in this post, there's a lot of them!

A Pop of Color

A pair of basic denim shorts, a pop of color orange tank, topped with a neutral light gray blazer. Oh! And these FANTASTIC clear heals from Forever21.

Soft Pink - Bold Statement

I'm in love with this pink and gold combo.

Dear moms,

High waisted jeans.

That is all.

Keep It Simple


Totally different vibe.

Holiday Color Block

Color Block Forever.

Red. Red. Red.

This look kind of highlighted my problem areas (my tummy tum tum) but it was totally worth it.

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